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SWEETHOUSE GmbH & Co. KG was founded in January 2017
by Mr. Jochen Wonschik & Mr. Volker Zurowietz.


The strength of SWEETHOUSE lies in the support of Sugar reduction or sugar replacement initiatives.


SWEETHOUSE as independent company, is proud to announce a close cooperation with Celanese about the patented Qorus® Dolce Sweetener Compound Technology.

A portfolio of multiple Qorus® Sweetener Compounds are made available to replace or reduce the sugar content of beverages and these are solving many taste challenges easily.


Beverages and Foodstuff with high sugar content are one of the major concerns of Governments and NGO’s. They are globally in focus as risk factors for the development of overweight, obesity and diabetes.


Replacing and reducing sugar by alternative sweeting systems can play an important role for human health.


SWEETHOUSE provides multiple concepts and products, to replace sugar by Qorus® Dolce Sweetener Compounds and keeping or maintaining a sugar-like taste.


Target is, using as less sweeteners as possible plus some specific natural flavours. In conjunction with all other recipe ingredients, certain bitter-notes, off-notes or very lingering taste characteristics of formulations can easily being optimized.


In that way beverage or food companies can improve the key nutritional values in their products or develop new recipes utilizing the latest technologies for sweetness and taste optimization.


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D-37647 Brevoerde - Germany

fon/fax : +49 3212 2389665 -



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