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Taiyo: the functional ingredient specialist

Natural ingredients that combine health benefits, high levels of functionality
and great taste:
These are the core competences of the Japanese ingredient manufacturer Taiyo. Since its foundation in 1946, Taiyo has established itself as a leading supplier to the nutrition, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers a portfolio of functional ingredients including soluble fiber, egg-and tea-based products, superfruit extracts, emulsifiers and stabilizers. Naturalness is a common thread throughout the entire value chain: no chemical substances are used during the cultivation or processing of the raw materials, which are, in addition, guaranteed to be GMO-free.

In line with current trends, a growing assortment of ingredients with organic certification completes the range.


Global Presence

Headquartered in Yokkaichi, Japan, and with distribution offices in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Korea, India, China), as well as in the USA and Germany, the company has a local presence in key markets.

Taiyo’s ingredients are produced in seven production plants in Japan, Korea, China and India.


The Taiyo GmbH was founded 2012 in Filderstadt and was later on moved to Schwelm (2016). There Dr. Stefan Siebrecht took over the responsibility for all activities of Taiyo GmbH in the EMEA region as Managing Director.


The Taiyo GmbH mainly sells the following raw materials:

  • Chia Oil
  • Zhejiang Matcha
  • Green Tea Extracts (SunPhenon®)
  • Soluble Fiber (Sunfiber®)
  • Indian Gooseberry (SunAmla®)
  • Froth Stopper (Awabreak®)
  • Natural preservatives
  • Emulsifiers (Sunsoft®)
  • Fat stabilizer (Taiset®)
  • MD Products (Fruits, Egg, Protein)
  • Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP®)
  • Minerals (Iron, Zinc)
  • Coenzyme Q10, water dispersible


Research and Development

Taiyo continuously invests in research projects to advance the development of innovative ingredients and to strengthen its position as a pioneer in the market. The company supports various international symposia and promotes the exchange of science and technology among professionals all over the world.

Taiyo Kagaku R&D Center, the proprietary research facility,

provides the capacity to bring product concepts to market as quickly as possible. According to the motto


"Imagine, Desire, Create,"


the company focuses on the continuous development of innovative natural ingredients that meet the requirements of both manufacturers and consumers.

Offering consulting services throughout the entire value chain, Taiyo supports manufacturers from initial idea to ready-for-sale product in areas such as technical properties, sensory design, marketing and regulatory issues.

With its comprehensive formulation and application know-how, the company supplies

tailor-made solutions for a variety of end products.



Sustainability is a crucial pillar of Taiyo’s corporate philosophy, with a strong focus on

controlled and partly organically certified cultivation, as well as careful raw material processing.

This commitment was recently recognized by the Bombay Chamber of Commerce, who

presented Taiyo Lucid, the Indian production plant for the soluble fiber, Sunfiber®, with a "Good Corporate Citizen Award 2015-16".

Taiyo Lucid’s sustainability program, which benefits both nature and society, is highly honored by the award. It begins with the local farmers who grow the guar bean, the raw material for Taiyo’s soluble fiber. They are taught how to plant the beans as sustainably as possible, while maintainingthe highest quality standards. As a result, the farmers are able to deliver organically produced raw materials that meet both US (United States Department of Agriculture) and EU regulatory requirements.

In addition to fair and punctual payment for the farmers, Taiyo Lucid assumes overall social responsibility. The company promotes on-site infrastructure by investing in schools, streets and hospitals and opposing child labor. Taiyo strives to improve its working conditions on an ongoing basis and to conform to Western standard.


Please find here Taiyo GmbH contact details and we are dedicated to support you!

Taiyo GmbH

Mittelstraße 36

D-58332 Schwelm, Germany

fon/fax : +49 2336 9150 216



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